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AL PE & PLS Proposed Rule Changes Hearing

September 02, 2022 11:01 AM | Anonymous

At its August 2, 2022 meeting the Board determined to propose changes to its Administrative Rules.

Link to proposed rule changes:


A public hearing regarding the proposed rule changes will be held at 9 am on Tuesday November 15th. You can attend in person at the Board 's office, 100 N. Union Street, Suite 382, Montgomery, AL 36104, or virtually by clicking on the words "Board Meeting- Nov 15, 2022" on the Board's website. The below link will take you to the Board's website homepage.


If you wish to speak at the hearing, you must provide an email address or phone number by responding to this email prior to November 1st. A speaker order list will be displayed at the beginning of the hearing, and the order will be based on the order the email request to speak was received. 

You can also post questions during the hearing using the Q&A feature.

1. Just select the 
Q&A button on the right side of the screen.
2. Type your question in the compose box, and then select
Send. If you want to ask your question anonymously, select Ask anonymously.

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